Teira perspicillata - Moroccan Rock Lizard

Teira perspcillata
Male: Menorca, Ciutadella, 18.03.2013 - These lizards can be identified by their characteristic "dot pattern".

The Moroccan Rock Lizard is basically a North African species. The only population in Europe on western Menorca is likely to be a result of (historic) introduction. The specimens from Menorca refer to the nominate subspecies Teira perspicillata perspicillata.

Teira perspcillata is a well-climbing, agile lizard wich may be quite approachable, similar to some Podarcis species.


These pretty lizards show a fine "dot pattern". Their lower eyelid has a "tranparent window": When halfway closed, it may appear as if they wear glasses.


By these external characters, they can easily be separated from Podarcis siculus, which also occurs on Menorca.

Teira perpicillata
European ranges of (introduced) Teira dugesii and Teira perspicillata.

Teira perspcillata
Female: Menorca, Ciutadella, 22.03.2013 - Females have smaller heads than males.
Teira perspicillata
Dry stone walls on Western Menorca: Habitat of Teira perspicillata.