Formentera, 17. – 21.10.2022

A mono-species field trip? On Formentera, this is fact, as – apart from some introduced stuff – the Ibiza Wall Lizard is the only native reptile on Formentera. However, the blue lizards from that island are legendary. Hence, we were glad to have the opportunity for visiting these amazing animals. From Ibiza airport, it only took us one hour to get to laid-back Formentera.


A lot has been written about the different color morphs of Podarcis pityusensis and not much to add from our side – just let the pictures speak for themselves.

Approaching Ibiza airport
Approaching Ibiza airport

The North

Northern Formentera has some extensive Salinas and beautiful beaches – which unfortunately attract numerous beach tourists and they do not really care that the major part of the area is a nature reserve. The dunes are inhabited by a strange, pale morph of Podarcis pityusensis.

The East

Eastern Formentera consists of a flat plateau with steep cliffs which are inhabited by numerous lizards. Some populations actually showed impressive blue colors. In contrast to this, the lizards from south-eastern beaches looked different, with green-black-white patterns.

The West

The western coastline of Formentera is also shaped by cliffs – and has “blue” populations of Podarcis pityusensis as well. As on Formentera, Podarcis pityusensis has no natural predators, the lizards showed typical “island behavior”: They were quite curious and opportunistic. Quickly, they started to explore our camera equipment and food bags and became extremely tame. A great experience!


Without doubt, Podarcis pityusensis on Formentera is one of the most spectacular European lizards. The combination of its bright colors and tame behavior really was worth doing such mono-species trip.