Dinarolacerta mosorensis - Mosor Rock Lizard

Dinarolacerta mosorensis
Male: MNE / Lovćen : 10.07.2015 - Specimens from the Lovcen population frequently show yellow colours.

The genus of Dinarolacerta comprises two species in the Dinaric mountain range. It is closely related to the genus Algyroides and genetic analysis indicates that it even may be invalid*.


Howbeit, the Mosor Rock Lizard is a unique Lacertid which can be found in a limited area of Bosnia-Hercegovina, Croatia and Montenegro – in general close to coast but there are also a populations (e.g. in the Durmitor NP / Montenegro in 80 km distance from the sea). This well climbing lizard mainly lives on karstified rocks, often with hardly any vegetation. In suitable habitats it may occur in good numbers and can be quite approachable.

In general, these lizards show a rather brownish colouration but specimens from some populations – like those in Lovćen NP – show bright yellow colours.


Within its small range, it may co-occur with several other Lacertid species:

A closely related but geographically isolated species is Dinarolacerta montenegrina.

Dinarolacerta mosorensis
The distribution ranges of Dinarolacerta mosorensis and Dinarolacerta montenegrina. Both species are separated by the Morača Valley.

Dinarolacerta mosorensis
Male: MNE / Durmitor: 05.07.2015 - Note the smooth and shiny scales.
Dinarolacerta mosorensis
Female: MNE / Durmitor: 05.07.2015 - Females show smaller heads than males.
Dinarolacerta mosorensis
Habitat of Dinarolacerta mosorensis and Lacerta agilis in Durmitor (Montenegro).

* PYRON et al.: A phylogeny and revised classification of Squamata, including 4161 species of lizards and snakes. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2013 13:93.